Trading Policy and Guidelines


PUBLICATIONS: Please note that it is Show Policy that traders may distribute publications ON THEIR OWN STAND ONLY. Traders who disregard this policy and leave their allocated space to hand out/sell publications will be asked to cease and be removed from our traders’ database if they do not adhere to this policy. If a Steward in charge has to speak to traders a second time the trader involved will be asked to leave the premises ASAP.

COLLECTIONS: Charities and other businesses attending the show may only collect for charity ON THEIR OWN STAND ONLY. The same rules as above apply to monetary collections.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The management of Fermanagh Farming Society Ltd would appreciate if those involved or attending the show did not send out images on social media unless authorised by the management the exhibitors or the businesses involved. We need to protect the exhibitors traders and volunteers who support our event.

LITTER: We pay litter pickers to clean the site after the show and they do a wonderful job, so we would appreciate your cooperation in not leaving litter behind as you go or putting fliers on vehicle windscreens etc. Please use the skips and bins provided onsite. Please help us hand back the site Clean & Tidy to Ulster Farmer Mart Ltd who so kindly loan us their facilities every year.

REFUSAL: The Society reserves the right to refuse any trade application or entry of exhibit/s without any further explanation.