Show Rules Governing Entries

All entries will be received subject to the following conditions:


  • Animals must be under 1 year of age on show day (junior class) or under 18 months of age on show day (senior class). 
  • No adult assistance is allowed during showing unless there is a health & safety risk when the parent/guardian will be asked to assist the exhibitor leave the ring.
  • Please note young handlers classes will be judged at 9.30am sharp.
  • No entries will be taken on the day.
  • Age of Exhibitors is age on show day
  • Classes will be amalgamated if insufficient entries.
  • The  cup winner is not eligible to enter the following year. 


  1. The full details required (the names of sire and dam together with date of complete herd and tag number, date of birth) must accompany all entries in Pedigree Classes. Entries must be accompanied by the appropriate Entrance Fees, otherwise the entry will not be accepted, and the exhibit will not be allowed to compete.
  2. Entry Fees will not be refunded where entries are withdrawn after the close of entries, except where the Society cancels classes.
  3. Reasonable care will be taken of all exhibits, but the Committee will not be accountable for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur to any exhibit before, during or after the show.
  4. The decision of the Judges as to the merits of exhibits shall in all cases be final. An Exhibitor making any objection must lodge £10 with the Secretary, which, in the event of the objection not being sustained, will be forfeited to the Society. No objection will be received later than 1 hour after the completion of the relevant Class, with the exception of an objection re valuation of any Exhibitor, in which case objection will be held to be in order if lodged within three days after Show Day. Should any matter arise not provided for in the purview of these Rules and Regulations, such matter shall be referred to the Committee of which 3 Members shall form a quorum, whose decision shall be final and binding, no appeal to law in any case being permitted.
  5. Any act of disobedience to the orders of the Steward's Judge or Officials of the Show by any Exhibitor or his servants will render liable to forfeiture any prizes awarded to said Exhibitor, and the offender will immediately be dismissed from the Show Grounds and may be banned for entering exhibits in future years.
  6. CFFS Ltd reserves to itself the right to alter the programme in any way it deems necessary. Exhibitors must be prepared to abide by the regulations.
  7. In group competitions for Cups or Special Prizes no exhibit may be exhibited unless previously entered in a class for which it is eligible.
  8. Any prize may, at the discretion of the judges, be withheld or modified, according to merit.
  9. The show reserves the right to refuse any entries without explanation.
  10. Steward's reserve the right to take appropriate action in respect to health & safety at any aspect of the show.

Rules For Livestock & Poultry & Dogs:

  1. All Exhibits must be bonafide property of the Exhibitor at the time of entry and for at least two months prior to the Show. Any Exhibitor found guilty of infringing this Rule will forfeit all Prize Money and may be debarred from showing for a period of not more than five years.
  2. The Show will open to the public after 3pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday.
  3. Poultry arrives between 9am & 11am on Friday for judging at 12 noon. Registered Goats arrive between 12 noon to 2.30pm Friday with judging 10.30 am Saturday.
  4. Dogs arrive after 5pm for the Main Dog Show starting at  6pm.
  5. All Cattle for exhibition will be admitted between 7am & 8.30am on Saturday and no animals may leave the Show before 3 p.m. without the written permission of the Secretary.
  6. Sheep arrive between 8.30 and 9.30 am  no later. 
  7. Committee members or Steward's who Exhibit will not be allowed under any circumstances to assist as the judges steward where his/her exhibit is being judged.
  8. The ages of Cattle  to be computed by teeth as define in the rules of the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society.
  9. A farmer for purposes of entering a restricted class shall be defined as one whose main source of living is derived from farming.
  10. Exhibitors are cautioned to attend promptly to have their exhibits placed in the Judging Ring so as to facilitate the Judges in their work. No exhibit will be allowed into the Judging Ring after the Judges have commenced their work of adjudication. This applies to all Classes in Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Dogs and Poultry Sections. All Classes will be judged in the Catalogue order.
  11. Overstocking” or “hafting” of milk cows will entail immediate disqualification. The Judge of the Class is empowered to disqualify or have milked in the Ring any exhibit.
  12. Tampering with Exhibits. - No artificial device whatever may be adopted for the purpose of interfering with the udders of cattle. No Cows or Heifers presented in the Judging Ring may have sealed teats. Any Exhibitor found infringing this Regulation will be disqualified from exhibiting at the Show.
  13. The word “heifer” in all Classes is held to be an animal which has never had or has never slipped a calf.
  14. Cows shown with calf at foot - calf particulars must be furnished on entry form
  15. All animals exhibited must be trained for showing in the ring, these animals must always be properly restrained. A steward or person in charge can ask an exhibitor to remove any animal or exhibit that may seem to cause problems at the show without any further explanation. Owners will be held responsible for any damage or injury arising out of their negligence in this respect. All owners must ensure that they carry their own insurance to cover risks caused by animals or exhibits in their care.
  16. No livestock lorries are allowed onto the Showgrounds.
  17. Only sheep & goats which are tagged as required by DAERA will be admitted to showgrounds; otherwise they must remain in their trailer and be removed from the show grounds asap.

Rules for Home Industries:

  1. Each article exhibited must be the bona fide work of the person in whose name it is exhibited and must have been completed since last year's Show.
  2. All exhibits in the flowers, fruit and vegetables classes with the exception of "Flower Exhibits" or Floral Art must be grown by the person in whose name it is exhibited. The Committee reserves the right to examine the garden premises from which the entry is made.
  3. All vegetables, including slivers of roots must be clean but not scrubbed.
  4. A Novice is a person who has not won a first prize in this section of the show.
  5. Work entered in a class other than the distinct class to which such work belongs will be disqualified. Entry may be transferred into proper class on application to the Secretary.
  6. Any article bearing the name of the Competitor or any label or mark in addition to the official number (which will be supplied by the Secretary) will be disqualified.
  7. All persons entering the Exhibition are subject to the direction of the Steward's
  8. No person will be permitted to interfere with or to crowd around the Judge during adjudication. Exhibitors so doing will forfeit all claim to prizes.
  9. Exhibits must be brought to the exhibition hall between 6.00 p.m. and 9.00pm on Thursday evening. Fresh cream exhibits and Fresh Vegetables between 9.00 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Friday morning of Show week. No exhibits will be accepted after 11 a.m. on Friday and no exhibits may be removed from the Show before 4 pm on Show Day.
  10. All exhibitors and members of the public must leave the Exhibition Hall by 11am on Friday before judges arrive on site.
  11. The Show will close at 4 pm on Friday of Show Week, when all persons must leave the Exhibition Hall. Exhibitors and Assistants will then be re-admitted by exhibitor's letter to remove their Exhibits, which will be handed to them by the Steward;s on production of exhibitor's letter signed by Exhibitor. No exhibits will be allowed off the stands until 4 pm. Perishable exhibits remaining after 5pm will be disposed of.
  12. No prize will be given in any class unless there are at least two Exhibits. No second prize unless there are at least three, and no third unless there are at least five, except in cases where in the opinion of the Judges, the Exhibits are of a high order of merit.Or in the opinion of the Committee to pay out prizes if they feel that standards are very high and there is adequate sponsorship to cover the entire section. 
  13. Exhibits entered in Art section must not exceed 60cm x 45cm including frame
  14. Exhibits entered in Photography section should be on a single mount -framed exhibits will not be eligible. Min photo size 5" x 7"  Max 8" x 10" (inc, 1" mount) 
  15. Floral displays must be arranged by the exhibitor ONLY. All other entries must be produced by the exhibitor under whose name it is entered. If an exhibit is suspected to have not been arranged or produced by the exhibitor under whose name it is entered, then the show reserves the right to disqualify the entry.